i want, i want, i want

called my mum the other day & heard her caller ringtone – the latest Black Eyed Peas song, Boom Boom, which i didnt know at that time was by them O_o

then today, went to the shop where she bought her new phone (which is way more canggih than mine *jerres*) to asked for a cable so she can get some cool new songs. when found out takde cable for her phone (odd & mahfarn) she asked the guy why he didnt give her Lady Gaga songs. im like, smacking my head beside her. “mummy, they only give u songs that they have”.

in my bid to catch up with her, i wanted get myself a new phone. after, erm, i forgot, 5 years? 4? not sure, but its definitely time!

had nothing to do when i woke up this morn, so i researched a bit & decided, i wanna get the Nokia 5800. sungguh cantik & canggih (by my current standards la ;Þ)

see, see, so pwetty!

it costs about rm1350 in seremban. i dont believe, there must be someplace else that’s cheaper. shall find out in that shop in SS2. cibai, where to find time & transport to go. haihs. I WANT IT NOW!

im gonna read up on what it can do. yay, im so gonna get it la, though the touch screen is giving me some doubts, but im sure i can learn & get use to it 😉


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