pinky toes

watched a slew of movies over the past week, am almost halfway finishing the movies in my folder, yay! some movies have been in there for almost a year i think

  • Tropic Thunder, which i thought was great in a parody, self-deprecating kind of way. it was gross, it poked fun at Hollywood & i cant motherfucking believe that was Tom “Scientology” Cruise
  • & *geek moment* oh, i finally watched Serenity, after downloaded it for soooo long. aaah how i missed them. i so hope there’s a sequel or something. they have comic books, yes, but it’s not like i can get them here can i, ceh

  • watched mindless fluff movies, ie., What Happens in Vegas & Penelope and indie darling, Little Miss Sunshine


im really getting lazy & rusty at writing (i know, i should write more in the feature writing-type that i enjoy), damn sad & scary actually. oh mien…

YC’s birthday last Sat, 22 Nov at our apartment

there’s even a vid. for the record, i don’t think i embarrassed myself /peace ;Þ


i can feel the beginnings of a gastric, oh damn. & oh btw, i think my Dunhill Lights sucks. strange, it was ok the last time i smoked them


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