too damn 7 tired for a title

i saw black swans today! 2!! hahaha. was at Bukit Tinggi to do some volunteer work which ended up with us just standing by watching the kids from the orphanage play games. well, it was an experience. hehehe. we were so semangat, Stacy, Mei-Ee, Andrew, Charlie & me. some kids were damn cute but the sun was kinda glaring, i got a headache, which im still having now. i noticed that i’ve been having headaches again these past few days or is it weeks? hmm, gotta pay attention to my body more. plus i got very car-sick on the way up & down. managed to tahan & didnt vomit in the Drew’s car though, hehehe

and i also saw 2 white swans! which is just fantastic. im not sure if i’ve seen swans before. was so excited & ‘sam pat’. hahaha. took many pix, shall pester Stacy & Mei-Ee for them



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