if i were a boy

i’d take off my top & walk around. cos fuck, its been so hot these couple of days. though even if i could walk around topless, im not sure if i wanna subject people to such an eyesore. hahahahaha

i thought it was only Seremban but then came back to PJ & its also damn hot. cannot tahan, turned on the rarely-used aircond. wish i can sleep in a/c room everyday. blerh


Russell Peters is highlarious!

Russell Peters Outsourced Terrorist

Russell Peters – Racist People in China

ok, am gonna continue watching his Madison Square Garden show

ps: omf, the a/c is fucking glorious! eh, i never grew up with an a/c ok. & now that im older & been in more a/c environments, damn this is close to heaven. wanna eat ice-cream & buy some fags but the outside world is so damn hot. helps ;Þ


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