raya hori-horiday

im trying to tahan myself from buying cigarettes (luckily blogger has spellcheck, i wanted to spell ciggerates, hahaha. mien, my engrand is terrisbus). when i came back just now, i was deliberating downstairs & walking back & forth like a dumbass. in the end i didnt buy. lets see how long i can last ;Þ

i finally watched Heroes season 3 epi 1. yay! struggled a bit to remember where last season left off. & as usual, it gave so many info in 1 epi, my head was spinning trying to keep up. but, 1 thing i now realise is everytime that Suresh or Matt comes on, i’ll be Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. so tak interesting, but maybe now will be la, since got new developments. am gonna continue epi 2 & 3 now. kancheong

* gotta try to distract myself. damn im gonna be so much fatter after the holidays. im like so happy to be on holiday, i ate so much to celebrate -_-

** i just got a call, i knew it. shouldnt have been too happy cos it always wont last -_- tmrw morning gotta work cos of last minute changes. @$^&*#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i need a cigarette


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