woke up this morn, didnt feel all that well & plus the worry of my neck suddenly having something like a golf ball stuck inside, i went to neighbourhood doc to get it checked. actually my thyroid has been there dont know since when but only months ago i got a blood test for it. this doc sent me to PJ city to get it scanned & then come back with the results. mien, fucking hot k, had me walking under the sun looking for the damn x-ray clinic

so, yes, i have goiter but unless i have difficulty breathing/swallowing, i dont need surgery or meds. and depending on the type (hyper or hypo), if i suddenly become very thin (wow!) or get obeser, then that’s something to worry bout. but cos he said though im fat, but my skin is not dry (thanks, i guess. hahahaaha) so i actually dont show any symptoms. plus he said another symptom is being slow-witted, which, hopefully im not. hahahaha

wat if one day i woke up looking like i have a huge tennis ball in my neck? fuck, gotta find out & get another opinion & have it removed

been having these painful headaches & a recurrence of gastric. mien, wonder if its stress/tiredness or something else. i didnt really tell the doc cos i dont wanna pay more for stuff he might prescribe or if he suddenly ask me go scan my head & stomach also. i dont like going to doctors or dentists or hair salons for that matter.

stress, in one day dah spent so much for medical fees & cab fares -_- i need more money!!

dammit, i hate it when i’ve too much time to think that i become emo -_- i should work everyday till i die. hahahaa


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