im thirsty

& yet, im too lazy to go to the kitchen & get some water. but on second thought, i suddenly remembered my yogurt, which i shall go get now…

15 seconds later

ok, decided against the yogurt cos its late & i think i shall eat it tomorrow morning, if i remember that is

i found new stuff to entertain me, yay! Elven Blood on FB is quite interesting, sort of like those Diablo, fantasy RPGs, which i so like & so miss. hehe

& there’s this girl’s vlog on youtube. PX gave me a vid of hers to watch & its hilarious. check it out

i cant remember what else i wanted to say. oh yeah, had a busy & tiring weekend but it was good. the law convention went well. damn our booths looked nice 😉 too bad takde lengchais or for that matter, any lengluis that i notice, bleh. i wonder if my radar has gone low at the mo. seems like, even hotties like the one on 8tv Quickie, which PX said looks like Orlando Bloom (which i beg to differ ;Þ) also i dont find attractive. hormones down i guess or maybe my tastes are different. bleh

& Mei-Ee has finally got her tattoo. which has inspired me to get mine too. am thinking should i get one for my forearm first or behind my neck first? i have some idea of what design i want but nothing very clear. gotta talk to the artist & of course, save money for it first 😉

wanna get some curvy, entertwined cross on my back/neck & some nice wordings on my arm. also would love those elaborate colourful portraits, like maybe Mother Mary. hehehe

& look, its past my bedtime already


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 12:26:00

    heard that babi. his name is henry golding. LoL! not bad for a msian wertttttt…jahatsss. WAHAHA


  2. Em
    Sep 16, 2008 @ 14:14:00

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA…ok la, he’s hot but just not for me. i like ugly guys gua. hehehe ;Þ


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