im so tired & lazy to do anything now. graduation was tiring, i think the heat got to me, hehee. i kan puteri lilin, tak boleh tahan panas keterikan. bleh ;Þ

im glad i didnt trip or my mortarboard or cape slipped or any other mishaps. it all just happened very quickly. i hope i smiled nicely, hehehe. oh well, at least we camwhored a bit outside after the ceremony while we were all sweating. hahaha. then i was so hot & my feet were killing me, i tak tahan dy & took off everything

& oh, i almost forgot. i got a wonderful surprise from May & Sean (my bosses). they sent a bouquet of flowers (sorry, i dont know what kind they are, im guessing, geraniums?? or purple roses??) through a florist. the florist called & i got it in front of the building where we had the convo. thankius!! my sis told me it got compliments le, looked different from the other bouquets. hehe…kinda my 1st bouquet, hahaha (got some other kind of frower last time from someone. that was cool too ;Þ)

i’ve no idea how to keep it, should i unwrap it & keep in a vase (which i dont have) or just let it remain in wraps & sprinkle water on it??

i should write a retrospective on my 4-year journey to this & bore you guys (yes, you 2) to death. that, later =D

*i suddenly miss Queer As Folk, listening to Scissor Sisters Filthy Gorgeous. hehehe*


i realised i’ve worked for 3 months dy (though it feels much longer), almost immediately after the end of my exams. well, i think i lepaked for like 2 weeks, then dapat & start kerja. i know im lucky, though i also wished i had lepaked & went on vacation. but with a job, i can also save the money to do that (gotta wait though) 😉

& i just got confirmed yesterday =D =D my bosses are the nicest (see above flowers for proof) =D

& i think i’ve been taking cabs so regularly, its inevitable that i’d take the same driver a few times. just last week (or was it the one before last, oh mien, memory failing me), 2 cabbies recognised me & know where i stay O_O im a bit of a paranoid & private person, especially with strangers. but then i thought, at least im staying in a condo & not a house. cos if they know exactly which house i live in, then i’d be scared. hehe


had thought of writing this last week but then i was too tired from work & had no time, except to sleep

you know, i never really fully get the concept of “when you’re down, think of others who are less fortunate than you”. i mean, yeah it might give you some perspective & remind yourself not to be so self-centred. but when you really think about it, you’re actually making yourself feel better by thinking about other people’s misfortunes, feeling glad that at least you’re not that poor ass who lives on RM5 a day (which i have before, in my broke-est period). now, that’s kinda evil & fucked up too. hehehe. im just saying, maybe you shouldnt compare yourself so much to others

& also, to be on the narcissistic & self-centred side, i kinda hate it when people tell me that there are others who are worse off than me. i mean, fuck la, now im having a problem, i dont really care lor if others are worse off. it doesnt make a difference, im still having this problem. i dont think it works at all (ok, maybe to some extent), the concept ;Þ

& anyway, i believe you make your own destiny, with the Big-Guy-above’s help of course 😉


wah, i just realised that even in my tiredness, can still drone on & on so much. hahaha ;Þ


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. radiounit
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 14:22:00

    wow, u’re sober on ur graduation. i’m impressed!


  2. kerry
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 00:33:00

    congrats loh!


  3. Em
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 15:25:00

    hey thx! =D


  4. Jingles
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 09:59:00

    yea, i feel so tired from work too. and now im really enjoyed the weekend at home without doin anything… it so much


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