*thinks hard for at least a passable title…aah…none*

i finally bought the Spongebob electrical toothbrush! =D but damn la, the head is not replaceable. trying to cheat money. cipek

i know im childish (i prefer the term “kid-like”, TQVM). while walking in the supermarket earlier, i also saw a Winnie the Pooh bubbles thingy, which i was deliberating whether to buy but i walked on, giggling to myself. it’d have so amused me & annoyed others, wahahaha. yes yes, i know, i have Peter Pan syndrome still ;Þ but damn i should have bought it with the excuse of giving it to my bosses’ daughter & then play it with her. muaahahahaaa


yesterday, while on the way to the gynae, my mum was asking if i have a boyfriend or something to that effect. oh fuck, so now that i’ve graduated & working, she’s gonna start asking all this more O_O

yor, dah la have to dodge awkward questions about why im going to the gynae, which is for the many reasons that women go there for la. then she jokingly said there’s this guy in her office who’s the same age as me, bla bla bla. OMF! i hope it doesnt go on further after this. then back home, my dad & mum were on the subject of me going to the gynae. lagi awkward! he was saying that his medical centre also has some gynaes, etc etc but they are all males *smacks head* i am so not going to a gynae who works with my dad O_O

ok awkward & quite stressful conversations aside, i watched Wall-E yesterday night too! i’ve got to say, i found it damn sweet ok ;Þ Wall-E is so cute! i even found it a lil romantic, lalala (eh i dont find many love stories romantic & not cheesy ok, this & the Notebook are some of the few exceptions). i know its a cartoon with robots, but thats the beauty of it. *everybody now! awww*


am still worried & emo about dad & him not able to go to my graduation 😦

this & so many other things make me emo & stressed sometimes. bleh


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