you may call them Betty & Veronica ;)

was reading past blog posts from 3-4 years ago while i was looking for something else. mien, i sounded quite different. well obviously, i was more innocent (subjective to different opinions, hahaha) & younger. i just sounded & wrote differently la, like im reading someone else’s blog or imagining my younger self writing away & somehow, im reminded of how my sis writes, i dont know why :Þ

and i looked different. (not quite la, still got same haircut, which only varied when i curled it last year). now i look older, more haggard & my skin is currently breaking out. not so “ching choon” anymore. bleh. cipek

and the Pope died 3 years ago. RIP. && i used to watch so much tv! now, i hardly have the time or energy & tv doesnt have much interesting stuff nowadays. i just watch stuff on my computer =D & fuck, i read so much last time. bleh. i really should find time & energy (& the attention span) to read again

then i came across a few funny ones that amused me so much, like the twins’ names & Confucius say. hmm, i wonder who gave that comment on the last one?

& oh, more people are calling me Emeline now ;Þ


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