i like hot pink!

& other bright colours. ok, that’s just a random thought (i know, i semangkin kebimboan. ;Þ)

anyways, got a little embarrassed today. went for an impromptu meeting with client with da boss. wore my shorts & slippers (cos i dont like most of my shoes & i dont wanna wear heels cos have to walk, i malas), as i usually go to work in. went there, had lunch with client, discuss discuss, then went back to their office. girl who opened door for me when i went out to toilet looked down & saw my slippers, so malu! haha. actually more malu for my boss, sorry. then i didnt get the code right to get in & another woman, who happened to come back from lunch, must have thought, what is this “kid” doing here messing with the door keypad. hehe

ok, im gonna smoke (as in ciggies, jangan salah faham) & watch Weeds episode 9 now. happy! ;D

& oh another random thought – Paris Hilton’s songs entertain & make me happyclappy. Katy Perry’s too. & also It’s Raining Men & Dancing Queen. fuck, i miss Mambo 😉


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