mien its flying

time that is. it sure has passed quite quickly this year. now is already August & today is already Wednesday (closer to Friday, yay!). feel like posting some pix b4 i pass out, dah schleepy

at Tiesto, PD in May ’08. got many more pix but they shall be keep out of the public eye for reasons only some of us would know ;Þ

note the difference in outfit, cos 1st one was taken before we entered & i got stopped by security for being too revealing. wtf la, i only wore my bikini inside that red top which was opened up in front. bleh. ramai lagi yang lebih sexy maxi

i was sober throughout the event, until someone popped out a bottle of whisky at the parking lot after Tiesto, which i now dont remember where or who it came from. hehehe

our short but relaxing trip to Ipoh, May ’08. i miss Ipoh. still have many more pix i havent gotten from Darlene though. click for more in my Multiply

celebrating Jenna & Soo Yin’s bday & a reunion of sorts with collegemates at Midvalley in July ’08. these are the only 2 pix i was in, hehehe

k, i dah malas dah. i really should get a camera so can take more pix of funny, interesting events & things that happen. bleh.

next up, graduation day! that, must really cam-whore le ;Þ


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. radiounit
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 13:36:00

    will there be any girl on girl action on ur grad ceremony? if there is, i’ll b ur cameraman, FOR FREE!!! hahahaha


  2. Babi ;Þ
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 14:53:00

    lol, r u drunk?? even IF there is, it wont be in front of u. muahaahhaaaa ;p


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