lil boxes on the hillside, lil boxes lalalalala

just finished watching Weeds while downing beer & chips (damn all that calories! ;Þ) & its still as fantastic as ever. & they’ve renewed it for 2 more seasons. double yay! ok, my inclination for Weeds has nothing to do with MJ ok. have been a fan (of the show ler) since the start 😉 speaking of which, i do miss MJ sometimes (damn, i hope ppl from opis dont read this & i dont get fired O_O sorry, hehee)

* note that i’ve downed 1 bottle of beer & am red as a tomato. fuck my skin -_- & im feeling, not tipsy, but slightly elevated, heehee

ok, did i mention how hot i find Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds is?? her body (i shall not go into details about what is the cantik, those who watch will know what im talking about)! her complexion! her hair! not that i didnt find her hot before (in Angels in America, Green Tomatoes, etc) but she seems to be more gorgeous with age. aah, loads of admiration tinged with envy ;Þ

& now i’ve to wait 1 more damn week for the next episode. haih, i’s no patience! now is off-season in american network tv. am deprived of HIMYM & Big Bang Theory. shall try download Secret Diary of a Call Girl. should be interesting

ok, i shall continue writing the letter to that motherfucking ball-less bloody asshole prick. bleh. malas!! so meng-mahfarn-kan. grrr


& oh yes, convocation is coming, on 30th August. i actually cant wait & especially for the after-party (heehee), which we need to plan. cos its Merdeka weekend, so will be crowded & jam giler everywhere. deng lor

i feel like i havent been clubbing for a looooooong while. hmm, the last time was in Raw, Mont Kiara like 1 month ago, i guess. damn damn & it was to trance (i enjoyed it la). the last time club to RnB was, hmm, with John & all at China White, i think. that time also didnt have mood to club. bleh. but now, heehee, the itch is back again 😉

& & we should karaoke again, damn bloody fun! especially with the help of alco 😉

ok, too much winking & slight alcohol-induced writing dy. lest i sound like an alcoholic, i better sign off & continue writing to that MOFO!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. radiounit
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 13:51:00

    nancy botwin is HOT, but but but… she’s 40++.


  2. Babi ;Þ
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 14:50:00

    she’s still HOT… milf! hahaha


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