itchy bottom

i feel so restless, wanna just go out & hang & drink. woke up feeling ok tis morn. yday morn too. am trying not to think too much. but i think if im alone or there’s nothing to do, i’ll start thinking & dwelling & i’ll start emo again. too hard & sanfu, i dont wanna sakitkan hati sendiri for now. must focus on work & moving house. heh

got many pix but cant upload most. anyhow, i’ll upload the ones that can be uploaded & seen by the public. lol. later, when i’ve the time


damn i miss him but now i think its getting better. maybe, possibly, i’ll meet him in a few more weeks. i dont know, we’ll see. its his bday very soon & i cant celebrate with him. wanna talk, see & touch him pun tak boleh. haih. in my emo-est, i’d thought of writing some mushy stuff, but hehehe, now i tak berapa emo ;Þ

gonna shower. going out later. hehehe. TGIF!


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