still stoned

my nose damn fucking itchy, sign that my room is damn dusty. but im too lazy & busy to bother la. gonna move out soon anyway, hehehe. yerh, i know im damn teruk

fuck im still so stoned from last night. i think know i embarrassed myself yesterday, by being so high & stoned, my face must have been priceless man. lol. but it was fun though something has gotten me confused. dont wanna make a mistake like last time. currently too stoned to think about it much, though im still analysing a bit

& oh i almost forgot, we came back at almost 5am & then John suddenly decided he wanted take a dip into the pool. so Tammy & me mai go along lor. waaah, damn cold but fun! immediately my stoneness gone. hahhaa. crazy. luckily no guards were around, which come to think of it, is kinda inefficient eh


photos from Daphnie’s bday celebration at Tapper’s, Jaya One about 2 weeks ago

ok i really need to finish up my thesis & IMC assignment. a lil kancheong now :/

& omfg, i wish tat person would just stop messaging me, berLOA & all. wtf la, i dont owe him anything lor. already told him not interested, apa lagi dia mau. now he makes me feel like as if im a bad person for ignoring & avoiding him -_-


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