*bloody title*

i stumbled on this really cool trailer for an interesting movie, based on a book by Scott Smith. supposedly the book is very good & scary. i wanna watch la, wonder if they’ll ever release it here. ok i didnt watch this version of trailer cos im easily spooked & im sitting in the dark cos sis sleeping. but enjoy!

another trailer/vid (this i watched) – The Ruins (2008)


kinda malu today, went to library to return a long overdue book i totally forgot about for 3 weeks, hahaha. fine came up to be rm4.60. when i reached into wallet then realised i only have rm1 something. hahahaa. must remember to pay library lady next week


i dont usually write emo stuff here or bad news or anything cos basically i am a private person, unless when it comes to happy stuff. heh. part of Aquarius trait gua, im supposedly unemotional & aloof wor. though strangely i dont like keeping stuff from my loved ones

anyways, i dont feel comfortable writing here all those emo stuff, so im so glad for having my friends, my best buds. without them for me to confide in, loa & emo at/with, i wouldnt know what to do (maybe write in my long-neglected real-life journal). then sumore i read about forgivable aspects in Pui Yee’s blog, so im very grateful to all my friends who accept me for who i am & still love me even though im such a fucked up sometimes (most times?). hehheee. i know i very farn & irritating sometimes (most times? haha), so im really grateful to all of u (u know who u are le), for sticking by me & supporting me & giving me advice or just listen to me rant. that day some more one of u guys made me cry cos u said u’ll still love me no matter what =D



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