just cause

i wanna escape work for a while & procrastinate. hehehe. damn fyp

i feel better now after some days of being emo, depressed, angry, regretful, resentful, bitter & just plain fucked up. but im a lil schizo, so i may just go back to being emo tomorrow morning ;Þ hope not la, being emo & depressed is tiring

i feel like shopping & partying & vacationing. aih, gotta pamper myself a bit after the devastating bad news (it is kinda devastating i think, not that im being a drama queen ok). i wanna browse & buy stuff (i just discovered that Pull & Bear quite the nice & cheap), i wanna dance & drink, i just wanna relax

i wanna do so many things! oh oh, i wanna perm my eyelashes & practice putting on fake ones. the one i bought for convo pic taking got damaged when i wore it to mambo & then it started to drop off, so i just chucked them into my clutch. morning discovered they already wrinkled. hehehe. too bad

& oh i got some pix i wanna post up just cause i wanna procrastinate some more, hehehe. am listening to happy/uptempo songs. slow & depressing songs at night are just too…well depressing la

night at mambo last wednesday. with Renee, Tammy & Sue

with Mervin (did i remember that right? hahaha) & Tammy

Mei-Ee’s bday dinner last December. damn dark the pic, i know

with bday girl

my bday dinner

Darlene’s bday

for more pix, go to my multiply =D


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