my lovely big noggin

i’ve got lots of pix taken over the last month. some i’ve posted on my FB & friendster, so it’s kinda redundant putting it here…but the main point of this post is to highlight an incident today which further proves how humongous my head is

but first on to the pix (as usual click on the pix for more at my multiply)

when FL @ VG was back for 2 weeks. had dinner & clubbed at asian heritage row 010208

my birthday lunch with the peeps in my class 040208 😉
at ngau che xui @ ‘cow pull water’ (direct translation, i think, im not sure. my china not that good, hehee)

during Chinese New Year 090208
lunch, drinks & karaoke with old friends in seremban


so was on the way to class today, tammy had found a parking spot which is a little small but can still fit her SLK (sexy lil kancil). after parking then discovered cannot go out from the front doors, then we climbed behind to get out from the back. tammy got out then it was my turn. actually i was doubtful i could get out, (what with my ample ass & all. lol) but aih, gotta try right. managed to squeeze my right leg out, then tried poking my head. mana tau, my head cant get out! it only fitted the opened door ngam ngam, which obviously if head cant get out then my body & ass also cant la. my fuck, damn embarrassing le & hilarious actually. further proof of how big my head is. couldnt stop laughing during class =D

& here i end. hope u have been entertained by my abnormally huge head. i dont believe there’s no one in this world who doesnt have a bigger head. hmph. wish i can reduce its size or something, like losing weight, lol. im sure there’ll be plenty more embarrassing situations…please dont grow any bigger head!

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