many new pix

had a few parties & birthdays over the past month. finally got the pix & found some time to upload them all (and also because i just got my computer fixed) =D

just click on the photos for the respective albums

the (early) birthday girls, Clarice, Tammy & Geneive. we ate dinner at Cava (not sure if i spelled that correctly, cant be bothered la, lazy), Bangsar on 27 October

shared a seafood paella, portabello mushrooms & escargot with Sue & Mun Wei. our food, er, not that yummy. wine was nice, i think. didnt drink much though, i didnt wanna get so red under bright lights! lol (if u see the other pix of me in the album, i get squinty-eyed a few times, hmph. damn hate it, i wasnt even fully drunk yet. i get red & tipsy very fast, after the first drink -_-)

group pix. top left – Lynn, Mei-Ee, Sue, Mun Wei, Hou Tseng, moi. bottom left – Zee, Clarice, Tammy, Geneive

kissy-kissy at Poppy

with Azlan, kawan panjang Clarice, Hou Tseng (who’s redder than me, yay!) & Sue

Class barbeque at a park outside Mei Keng’s house at Taman Mayang on 30 October 07. also celebrated Ming Yang’s & Tammy’s birthdays πŸ˜‰

Pei Xzan’s dinner & drinks at Decanter, Hartamas on 21 November
with all the girls (mostly in white, got dress code. guys in black. those in black & white? erm…best of both worlds. hehehehe)

with Tammy & baru legal bday girl Pei Xzan πŸ˜‰
i’m not yet red. heheheh

tomato-red me with Jin Wen (had red wine, a sip of flaming lamborghini & wiskey. of course la i damn red, tipsy, friendly & frisky dy by end of the night. lol. dont think i frisked anyone though. cant remember ;Þ)

got hungry after some time (it’s the alcohol, i tell you) & ate a couple of finger nuggets. then ran over to take pix with Soo Yin’s table, as you can see here, with Kenn. then felt so full & sick after

with Tammy & bday girl Sue Lyn, 24 November =D
very nice condo, but i cant remember the full name, hahaha

with the gang at Sue Lynn’s jamuan πŸ˜‰
(i liked the cute ‘Incredibles’ muffins)

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