eye eye eye

crap, woken up by a backache. still wanna sleeeeep


there’s still one more paper to go but we didn’t care. went out jugak. the paper is only on Tuesday, still got lots of time. heh

went to the Eye on Malaysia wheel & we all had high hopes of watching some spectacular scenery & water/laser show. mana tau, we paid rm100 for a private gondola for 7 people & we spun & spun & couldnt really see anything. KL doesnt have much of a night scenery. by the third round, we were already bored with it and hoped it’d end soon… we continued spinning for like 7-8 rounds (i’m not sure, lost count). so glad when it was over. was feeling a little motion-sickness. bleh

(the ride was so uninspiring that suddenly i thought that hey, this is a ferris wheel, if only i had someone to make out with in here. HAHA. bodoh)

but good thing, we took some nice pictures. will put them up as soon as i get it from kawan panjang, Clarice

then we all went to Alexis. had watermelon juice ’cause was very parched from the damn hot weather nowadays. also had some beer & wine. the band there (which Tammy recognised some of them from Glad Tidings church) was kinda good. sang some nice, old school songs =D

after that, we joined Mei-Ee & co at Bed, Asian Heritage Row. quite nice, spacious. as i told them all, as long as there’s booze & (good) music, i’m good to go ;Þ (Sue calls me a kaki botol. i’m not Amy Winehouse la)

Ee’s boyfriend had opened a couple of bottles of whiskey (always damn generous of him). told him i would buy him bottles when i’m rich, which Kok Hong, i think u have to wait for a very long time. hahaha

had dont know how many glasses. didnt take any pictures, which is fortunate ’cause i look damn fugly whenever i drink -_-

i’m proud to say that i didnt pass out or vomit or embarrass myself (too much) in public. BUT… i did something very embarrassing & stupid in private. shit la, wish i could delete it. tiu


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 16:17:00

    you better make sure u would get rich!anyway~ had loads of fun with u gals and i was so glad that u all came!urs truly, hottie eeeeeeeeee


  2. Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2007 @ 16:19:00

    btw.. i knw wat u did that nite! it was nt private at all for ur info~~


  3. yook hwa
    Sep 26, 2007 @ 04:36:00

    hahahah, it was private but now u know ;Þ


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