i dislike business studies, hugely. i don’t get why we have to take an e-commerce subject, which IMHO is a waste of time. i thought the whole point of taking journalism is to escape maths, science & any business stuff. ish

when my dad gave me the (only) choice of doing either business or IT studies, i grabbed the latter (which turned out to be a mistake too. add programming & IT to my list of dreaded subjects). i don’t completely hate business, i do enjoy (simple) economics (all those poverty cycles, elasticity) because it shows the impact on socio-economic & humanitarian issues.

i’ve done accounting many times throughout the years too, in high school & college. sadly, it’s has never caught on with me. basic accounting can, but when it comes to more complicated stuff, i’ll be having another one of my blonde moments

speaking of which, my math skills have gotten so lousy (can that even be possible), i even confused myself doing some simple calculations. had a blonde moment last week doing my Media Planning paper. one part required me to calculate percentages & i stupidly messed that up. aah, brilliant i am

dammit, should go back to studying for the much-disliked (because hate is too strong a word) e-commerce paper -_-


oh btw, am planning to go to the Eye on Malaysia tomorrow night with kawan-kawan. heehee. should be interesting, i hope. wish the camera on my phone is working. stress


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