stoned but jiwang

jiwang ~ cheesy / nostalgic songs from the past that remind me of when i was growing up =D

i’m downloading loads of boyzone songs at one go, damn crazy. all those songs from their 1st couple of albums, like Said & Done, It’s Time, Heaven Knows, A Different Beat, etc…i know, so damn jiwang & girly. but i is love!!!


went to a farewell party thrown for Tonde & Tendai last friday. no photos, unfortunately, cos i didnt have a camera (will definitely get one very soon!). at 1st there wasnt many people there, all Africans, except me & Tammy & a white girl, who seemed very young. later, all the peeps arrived. saw some i know. lots of booze – cartons of beer, spiked cocktails, saw someone holding a Corona (should have tried la, ish). ahaha, but i promised i wouldnt get drunk & embarrass myself & others, so i restrained. some more, after some time, the beer wasnt refrigerated enough & was warm, so me no like. hehe. also tried some stout, which i kinda like. taste quite nutty, strong but i like 😉

mingled a bit, i’m not that sociable, will talk when people talk to me. might seem arrogant or stand-offish but i’m just awkward that way. dont really know how to start or keep a conversation going. didnt dance, cos i didnt wanna spoil the African dance, haha. cant challenge the way they move. just watched. & i gotta say, (i’ll tak malu & say it here), i thought B was kinda hot dancing out there. hahaha *winks*

u know the Malaysian parties held at home (maybe it’s only the ones that i attended), where its usually some staid (read: boring & sober) thing, everyone’s sitting around, just eating fried meehoon & drinking soft drinks. there’ll be groups here & there, not really mingling around. growing up watching those american teen movies, where there’re keg parties with dancing, loud music & a whole lot more; i’d wished some of the Malaysian parties gatherings were more happening & fun


entered my 3rd year, will be graduating next year, if all goes well. still dont really know what are my plans after that, what i wanna do. i dont think i’m cut out for working in a newspaper though, too lazy & thick-skinned to approach people & snoop for stories. one thing i know, it’ll be in the media / entertainment / creative industry. creative as in advertising la, not like as if i can draw or am creative. with a pen, maybe can still churn out something. hahaha

i still wanna have fun, dont really want to grow up (or old) too fast, become too serious, formal, boring. cannot!! dont think i’m that kind of person, hope not. wanna go on vacation some place, anywhere, within the year, before i join the rat race -_-

i think i have Peter Pan syndrome


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