the week before

last week was quite eventful. been meaning to blog bout it but didnt have time or was too lazy. heh. i mean i gotta blog about the momentous events that happened – my first getting bloody-ass drunk & my first ever mani-pedi 😉

saturday, 19 May 07

i’d just finish my 12-hour shft at Gap, got home after 10, then showered. didnt really have time to for dinner, thought i could just eat some cereal & milk & be done with it. wasnt really hungry. went to Rum Jungle with Mei-Ee, Kok Hong & Tammy, KH opened a bottle of Chivas. i got too excited & drank too many, too fast & got drunk real quick. was sitting down then before i realise it, i was soon throwing up on the guy next to me. anyways, damn embarassing & malufying night. to cut the story short, we went home early, i was so wasted, couldnt even walk straight but can still wipe my shoes & look in the mirror (“Vain!” ;Þ). still conscious enough to change my clothes & then passed out til the next morning. which i still have another day of work, it was my last day. woke up hung over, not that bad, just dizzy & wanted to throw up again. needless to say, i’ll not ever again go drinking without food in tummy. heh. felt damn bad for cutting the night short & potong everyone’s steam & embarassing them & puking on their shoes. sorry, i’ll play Gasolina for u Mei-Ee & then u can dance til your heart’s content k =D

puke count – 3


tuesday & wednesday, 22 & 23 May 07

*bimbo post ahead*

after helping Tammy pick up her loans at One Utama, got home at about 5. then Mei-ee said, “Let’s go get a pedicure!”. of course i jumped at it, cos i’ve always wanted to get a pedi. got to Aman Suria after 5.30, while waiting for Ee to join us, fed our stomachs at Kayu Nasi Kandar. anyways, got a nice pedi at Amante, wanted to get a mani too but there wasnt enough time. but then the nice lady offered us to have our manis the next day, cos there was a promotion, rm59 for both. damn ‘tai’. i got bright red for my toes & then the very next day, got hot pink for my mani. the mani’s chipping off a little now, but it was oh-so-nice

oh yeah, while waiting for our toes to dry, TT got a call from GieGie, her colleague from Cosmopolitan. she had 2 tickets to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. so off we went, leaving poor Hottie back at Amante to rush to the movie at Cineleisure. it was going to start in 45 minutes time, didnt even have time to got home & change. so we went to the freezing cold cinema, TT wearing her shorts & me in my skirt & sleeveless top. OMF, it felt like a very cold Genting that night. & i felt the movie wasnt that great anyway, but i especially loved when Keith Richards came out, his mere presence & voice, so damn hot! (maybe i have a thing for ugly but sexy guys ;Þ) couldnt wait for the movie to finish, it was so damn long, i felt like everything had turned to ice


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