crappy cabbie

took a cab to uptown today to get my cheque from ACP. hee, i’ve got my money!! ok, not that much, but still i’m happy. hahaha

anyways, damn MOFO cab driver, whom i asked if he can wait for a while downstairs while i run up to get my cheque said that he cant wait long

translated from Malay

me: it’ll only take me 5 minutes, tops.
cabbie: u say it’ll be 5 minutes only, i’m sure u’ll take longer. call again la
me: i’m gonna pay u, arent i?! (starting to lose temper at this MOFO, who seem to dont want to earn extra $$$)
cabbie: ok la, 5 minutes only ah

damn crappy cabbie, its like as if he had diarhheoa or something. had to go toilet is it? cant even wait 5 damn minutes downstairs. not like as if its free, the meter is still running ok. anyways, his erratic driving & behaviour make me think he’s junkie, who hasnt got his fix for the day. ok i’m bad la, but he kinda drove dangerously


gotta get ready for my date with my girlfriend, mei-ee @ sexyee ;D


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