*@%&#$* roaches!!

damn, i hate cockroaches. i’m so disgusted right now. was planning to take a shower & wash the bathroom a bit, so took the mop from the other bathroom, in the dark, cant see anything. thought the mop smelled weird, luckily didnt stick my nose into it. MOFO! when i stepped into the light, a huge ass COCKroach was in the mop. OMF, i so damn freaked out, though i did manage to put the mop nicely down, in a corner. ran out, took the Baygon & sprayed the hell out of the damn roach, which was trying to find a way out, hanging on the edges of the mop strings. i thought it wanted to take off & fly, so quickly closed the bathroom door

that was 15-20 minutes ago, still cant bring myself to go in there. what if its still alive & flies into my face or hair or neck?! arghhhh!!! i dont want to be a wuss or wimp, but still, i so damn hate cockroaches!! now how am i gonna pick it up when its lying dead on the floor? (hopefully it is dead now & didnt flew onto my towel). usually i’ll ask Fei or Tammy but both also not at home. waaaahhh, i damn pathetic man. no, i shall be a (wo)man about it & go in & face the roach. either i face the roach for a couple of days or i just pick it up & throw it down the toilet. susah la ni 😥


i did it! i picked up the roach (with a newspaper, of course) & i flushed it down the toilet. it wasnt fully dead yet, so i think i ended its misery. am still so disgusted, mortified, horrifed, geli-fied….i need to find a thesaurus

ok i’ll stop being such a drama queen & get on with showering & washing


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