another shooting happened in a uni in US. i dont know why i’m so affected by this, i just feel a need to say something about it. its just too disturbing, a horrible, terrible thing to happen. imagine it happening in your school, college or home, what would you do? i cant help but imagine, if there were guns readily available in Malaysia, would there be more school shootings here?

some of those pro-guns are saying that this unfortunate incident shows that they have to loosen gun laws so that a law-abiding citizen who has a gun can fight back. i was like, WTF?! u think that arming yourself with guns, you can protect yourself? there might be more deaths. isnt it better to curb, to tighten the laws, to prevent every Tom, Dick & Harry to own firearms? i mean, of course people can still get their hands on it, illegally, if they really want to, but still, to condone the ownership of guns is just sickening & disturbing

imagine, being in a classroom, dozing off, then suddenly u hear gunshots. imagine seeing a person totting a gun bursting in & start shooting randomly around. imagine watching your friends getting shot or you yourself staring down at the barrel of the gun. imagine that in your own backyard. imagine seeing someone you know on the list of deaths. scary & saddening isnt it?

i wish i can live in ignorant bliss forever, but i know i wont be able to stand it


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