damn report!!

i’m almost 80% done with my internship report. still gotta find some bullshit to fill another 3 pages. cant wait for it to be finished. but then when finish, what should i do? hmm… spruce up the blog for one =D

the reaping wasnt scary at all. thought it would have some exorcist elements or something. ceh. but Batsi & Tony were jumpy & kinda scared. waahahahaha. ok i was scared a little too, at some scenes, but then kinda disappointed with the movie. nothing special or new or interesting

watched pursuit of happiness last friday night. eh, i dont know why, i dont think its that emotional or a tear-jerker. am i emotionally-void?? maybe i was distracted, heehahaha. anyways, no la, i found it to be slow-moving, though i can feel the stress of being broke & all. but still, it felt disjointed somehow, or maybe i didnt like the voice-over narration

ooh yeah! almost forgot. went to Sunway Lagoon on friday, almost kinda, a spur-of-the-moment thing. Tammy, Tony, Batsi & me. wasnt that sunny, luckily. still, i think i got a bit tanned, ahahaah. omf, i was so berani, i went on that Tomahawk ride or something, which goes 360 degrees. but it wasnt as scary as i remembered it to be. though i dont think i’ll go on it again. right after that, went on that Ship ride, then on a harmless roller-coaster, which just went round & round. it managed to finally do me in & made super woozy & dizzy. had to lie down a bit. must have looked so pale. hahaha…anyways, fun day, spending time with them all ;D too bad didnt have a camera. oh well


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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 15, 2007 @ 16:44:00



  2. .yC.
    Apr 15, 2007 @ 16:46:00

    waiting to watch heroes season 2 rite? *wink wink*


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