just finished my internship, last Friday actually. have about less than a week to finish my report & hand it in. but i’m oh-so-damn lazy! plus i wanna do a million other things like…hehehee

anyways, finished watching heroes til episode 18, now have to wait a few weeks til i can download the next one. aih. need to burn some movie & shows out before my computer crashes, haha

oh yeah, watched the descent just now with Batsi. damn that movie was kancheong. the thought of the monsters now, kinda creepy but maybe cos i was watching it with someone, in bright lights on my computer, so the effect wasnt that scary. think he jumped more than i did (though he’s watched it before). wahahahahaa. oh well, i did jumped a bit & was scared to look at some scenes, but i did. its kinda sad at the end when she left her friend to die. overall, ok la the movie, not bad. gore factor, ok, i can handle it. nothing i havent seen before 😉

tomorrow watching the reaping, another horror movie. fucks, they should release more normal movies that we could watch. its either shooter, teenage mutant ninja turtles, mr bean or meet the robinsons. aiyo, how to choose like that. the reaping it is. i’ll enjoy it while watching but after that, i’ll be haunted like crazy. tiu lor

cant wait for all those big blockbuster summer movies to be released – spiderman 3, potc 3, harry potter!! & etc…

football now & movie date tmrw =D

ps: havent got time to adjust my blog’s layout after upgrading it. ish


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