my heroes!!

i seriously love Heroes. its the best damn show ever. ok, maybe i’ve said this before about Lost and Prison Break, but i think Heroes has potential. the characters, the storyline. damn the storyline, its so damn good!! i love, i love! make me so kancheong & jaw-drop everytime. its just plain excellent writing. am still waiting for episode 10 to finish downloading. its suppose to be quite an important episode. aih, cant wait! just hope that it continues to be this good in the next season


yesterday night at Modesto’s was pretty good. danced & drank some. wasnt drunk, mind you. unfortunately, Tammy lost her handphone & money. damn, i felt so damn bad, cos its partly my fault. i should have check to see if her bag was with mine. when i left the table to dance a few times, i made sure to keep an eye on our table. but dont know how or who the fuck took her stuff. mine & taffy’s werent touched though. aih, i hope she wont marah me for a long time 😦

will post some of the pictures we took (this time, i smartly took pix before i looked too drunk, wahahaaha). had a wonderful time dancing but i’m so sorry TT!


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