i’m going to Boyz 2 Men tomorrow! yay! Sue got us free passes, so have to figure out how to get there. either drive or take bus. but if drive also, of course won’t be me la & Tammy won’t, so Tony might drive or we just take public transport. but then have to endure the cable car la

anyhow, gotta practise all the Boyz songs. hee!!


think my workload is slowly growing a little. had to interview many people this past week; over the phone & in person. not easy, though not that hard also la. i felt kinda guilty & bodoh for declining to go to a photoshoot. anyway, most likely i’ll be at the one on Monday. Sue will be there also. i observe, she in front of camera. hee!

oh yeah, watched The Holiday, starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet & Jack Black, yesterday. company had free passes for the show at Cineleisure. supposedly it’s a monthly thing. goodie! anyway, back to the movie. it was enjoyable, typical, feel-good holiday movie. not that memorable la, to me. but gotta say, Jude is so charming and hot in the movie. he cries, he’s a single dad…he’s just hot! swoons. go watch when it’s released on February 1 =)


shopping tomorrow. whee!!!!


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