work, work, work but also fun, fun la

whoo, work today was quite eventful. pretty hectic, i think. started the day by hoping & waiting for an email reply from a nutritionist whom i sent some questions last week. yeah i know she’s busy, but i did wished that she’ll get back to me today cos i wanted to finish for Stephanie ASAP. but anyhow, couldn’t reach her the whole day. you know, i’m one of those people who will be anxious if i’ve some unfinished business. my heart & mind wouldn’t rest til i’ve completed it. then sumore, i kept thinking, ‘sei lor’, i have many things to finish by end of today

had to go interview the public on some products that they’ve tested on the spot, like perfume, etc & then tell me about it. i think the thing that turn some people away was the fact that their faces will appear in a magazine. ok, if it were me, i’d have probably turn the interviewee away also. but it was so dishearthening at first, when every single person that i asked (about 5-6, i think) walked away. wanted to cry then (its just an expression, i didnt seriously wanna broke down in public; yell at someone maybe). aih, some of them thought that i’m some salesperson. out of desperation, i walked into Temptations, Tammy’s former workplace & asked Vivian to be my first victim. ooh she’s so nice to oblige =D

then after that, it was quite ok. i got two white teen girls & some other girls, most of them in the new wing area. if i thought getting people to test out perfume was difficult at 1st, then the body lotion & foundation lagi worse. if it were you, you wouldn’t waste time testing out some uninteresting product, would you? but luckily i got a couple of Malay girls who happily tested the products. one of them love the foundation so much, wanted to buy it. ooh, interesting thing, my last tester was a girl named Emmylou. how cool is that? i didnt get to ask her whether she was named after Emmylou Harris or not

finally got all pix & hurriedly got my ass back to the office. had to rush a bit cos i still had many things to do. anyway, at the end of the day, i still hadnt got the email reply yet. and i had to make a 2nd trip to 1U to return some stuff

*lessons of the day – be thick-skinned & smile always; perseverance; patience, determination & all those BS stuff la


you know at work, sometimes i want to be independent & make a good impression on my superiors by being ingenious or initiative. but then, i’m afraid of being perceived as ‘ji ba ji wai’; a know-it-all, smart alec who do things that aren’t required. at times, i wanted to do something extra (something not in the instructions) but then i was worried that i might be wasting my time or my employers wouldnt like it. aih the thin fine line between being helpful & smart-ass. blame the education system for making us only know how to terima arahan but never to think out of the box


more movies to watch

* Last King of Scotland
* The Crying Game
* 300! (fucking cool trailer)
* Pan’s Labyrinth

cant seem to remember more when i most want to

tv shows i wanna watch

* Heroes!
* Grey’s Anatomy (missed so many of season 2’s episodes)
* Ugly Betty (America Ferrara!)
* Dexter
* Weeds! (love, love Mary Louise Parker & Justin Kirk)

will think of more (a never-ending list, this)

btw, found an interesting website


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