of makeovers & a long vacation

i had a photoshoot last thursday. my beauty editor needed 2 girls but only one could make it for a makeover for the ‘beauty expert’ page. so she asked me to go. i was like, oh no! shy la, but also kinda excited cos get to have a makeover & get out of the office for once

so, we took a cab to the studio in Taman Tun. anyway, met the makeup artist, Khir, Kim Mun the photographer & his assistant, Soong. had to wait for the the other girl to be made over first, she wanted a girly look in her one-year-old letter to Cleo & so Khir & Stephanie decided to give her rosy, pastel colours. she’s going to appear in March & i’m gonna be in April’s. my makeover consisted of fake eyelashes & white highlighter on my lower lids to make my eyes bigger. had actually wanted to know how to apply colour shadow on my mostly-hidden lids cos i almost always only use black liner. but cos the girl before got colour on her eyes, so i got falsies. anyway, it was fun having your makeup done by someone else (a pro at that). and ooh, i got my second close encounter with Bernard Chandran when Khir got a phone call from him. wahahaha but not quite as close as when i saw him in his KL Plaza boutique years ago. but still, it felt kinda glamourous for a while

anyway, had my before & after pictures taken, am glad they turned out ok. even though Steph assured me that the graphic designers will photoshop it & all, but aiya, am still kinda conscious of my grill. but dont really care also la, cos its not that obvious. so had my day in the limelight, albeit the camera lights only. only had to pose a little; turn to the side, tilt a bit, relax shoulders, focus on the camera (cos my eyes sometimes wander). was told that my left profile is my better one. ahahaha

went back to the office after lunchtime with my camera-ready makeup still on. cos i didnt want to mess it up by removing, after like half remove, will look weird. sumore didnt have remover or wipes. anyway, weird also walking around in thick makeup, tammy said my eye makeup look a bit lala 😦 its white highlighter only mah. but i love falsies, but it takes practice before can get it to stay on the right curve…forgot to ask Steph whether i can have a copy of my pics, but will la when i have the chance. still a little nervous when talking to them, dont know why. should be more confident la, i know

wonder how will my pics & accompanying text (which i wrote for myself, hahaha) come out. also have a few short articles coming out in March, i think. will i see my name in print? hmm…

been listening & watching to long vacation’s (the Japanese tv series back in 1996) theme, la la la love song by Toshinobu Kubota. aah, brings back fond memories of when me & sis enjoyed watching popular Japanese series, especially those starring Takuya, Yutaka & Takashi


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