mane issue

i want to change my hair. ok, maybe not radical change, but i want to colour / perm / cut it. had a haircut few weeks ago, the lady didnt give me the cut that i want. it’s my fault really, i dont usually communicate well with hair stylists, not that she’s one. hmph! so now, i’m stuck with hair that is layerless, too heave & flyaway fringe. no money, where to do my hair (Aki!) ;Þ

ooh golden globes today. didnt catch it cos of work. will watch the delayed telecast tonight. i dont think i’ve ever missed a live awards show ever since, hmm, my secondary school days, me thinks. sad kan?

i wish i can go out for events. there’s one tomorrow at Zouk that Tammy’s going for some eyewear event 😦 she can bring 2 more people but i dont know if my editor will allow me to go

want to post more pictures but have yet to ask from mei-ee

movies to watch (as reminder for myself) –

  • borat
  • blood diamond (djimon…ahh)
  • little miss sunshine!! (steve carell. heehee)
  • babel
  • hostel
  • running with scissors
  • devil wears prada
  • the descent
  • casino royale
  • potc 2

  • got more but can’t remember now ie. all the movies i missed last year la. some i will wait for astro to show, some think i’ll download or get dvd, which i havent bought in the longest time

feeling boredness & lil headache-ness. must bring some mp3s to listen here la

oh ya i forgot! boyz 2 men & muse are coming!! one month apart! i must go, at least to the boyz 2 men show in genting. will get tix! =D


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