intern affairs

have been neglecting this blog long enough, now have the mood to post something

started my internship at ACP magazines almost 2 weeks ago, am assigned under Cleo. anyway, last friday, i got my first real assignment – going out to interview people. am suppose to write for this column, ‘salon spy’, where selected girls get to have a hair makeover at a salon & help advertise for it la. its actually a simple task, just a short article

so anyway, this salon, E.P. Eiji Project at Midvalley City Northpoint, is opened by a Japanese guy & the salon director (ie. chief stylist) is also Japanese

so went there, was almost late, reached the same time as the girl, Christina. okok, i know, i should have been there early, before her. rookie mistake. but anyways, the salon director who did her hair is so damn cute! his name’s Aki, only understands a little English, so the managing director, Masaki, helped translate for me

Aki & Christina. picture taken by Christina cos my camera ran out of memory. hope she doesnt mind me posting this picture. anyways, think he looks better in real life. big eyes, high nose, nice skin & a goatee! plus the hair & his other assets la ;Þ he kept smiling at me & apologising for the whole thing being long. well, i dont really mind la & it wasnt that long. at least got eye candy. heehee. tried chatting with him but, sigh, the language barrier. wish could remember some of the little Japanese that i know. btw, i think only the Japanese can pull off the kawaii thingy (being cutesy & all). he kinda reminds me of Takuya Kimura in A Beautiful Life

the Star online has an article & video of him & the salon. i kinda malas nak upload the vid. i know i seem stalker-ish & crazy but, ahh as with all of my crushes, this will fade in the next couple of days, cos i wont get to see him again, unless i bertembung with him outside of the salon

as for my itty-bitty article, i think it should be coming out in Feb or maybe March ’07. not really sure

update: new photo gallery


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