red rum murder

am expected at work in about 3 hours time. aih, still have to wait that long. i’ll get sleepy while doing nothing around the house except go online. so damn sien!!

anyway, found a part-time job at red rum murder @ 1 utama, will work for a month til the new semester starts then we’ll see how it goes. frankly, i’m not too keen on continuing when my classes start cos i’ll be too lazy / no time / i’ll miss my tv too much. yesterday was my first day, only worked 5 hours & i was already bored out of my mind. really mind-numbing but i’ve been through mind-numbing boredom before loads of time (like when i was promoting yogurt for nestle), so it just takes some getting use to. nothing much to do, not many customers. i half-wished that i can fold / steam-ironed clothes / wipe mirrors or something, just so i can do something to pass time. my ‘supervisor’ is a bit eh… i shall keep my comments to myself & offline. dont want to get fired less than a week in the job do i? i need the money to buy mucho mucho stuff

the pay is ok, though no commission, which has its pros & cons. i need to talk to my boss about letting me work longer hours, dont know if she’ll agree to it or not. hope got more customers today so i can get to sell something & not just stand there & look stoned

btw, what the hell is up with the reality show pages i want to see? they just won’t load up for me. saw the news of another american idol booted out, just curious wanna know. then wanted open the survivor page to see who’s out already, cannot load. damn!

am damn stuffed now, ate too much bread. bleh!


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  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    May 08, 2006 @ 15:45:00

    althou a bit late, ALL THE BEST!!! njoy ur work…althou it sounds damn boring but then at least ur pay’s waiting for you!! WAHAHAHAH…


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