shoes shoes shoes

i think working at the shoe shop has awaken the shoe fetish(er?) in me. new stock arrived today & immediately i fell in like with a turquoise beaded shoe. ahh i so like it!! rm30 after 40% discount from rm49.90. i think its quite ok right? omf! i’m liking so many shoes right now, i want to buy them all! but i’ve to save money cos its gonna be a lot of people’s birthdays coming soon & i want to buy other stuff too *wishlist ~ computer, digital camera, mp3 player, clothes, makeup, books, etc etc* also need to pay rent & bills. aah, i wish i could win the star’s puzzle contest. i’m desperate for rm30000. even rm10000 will make me so happy

ooh found out today that my workplace wont open on hari raya. close for 2 days! woohoo!! perfect! then i can go celebrate tammy’s birthday. tammy & i’ve been talking bout what to do to celebrate. and we both thought of getting tattoos. such brilliance! now i need to think of what design, a cross most likely. a celtic one? i dont know yet…then we’re going to eat & drink wine & just hang out. ahh, so much fun! i sure hope the company dont suddenly change their minds & make us work on those days

*birthdays, birthdays, birthdays*

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  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Oct 25, 2005 @ 15:19:00

    u better stop buying shoes…know why? u’ve to save to buy my bday pres! WHOO HOO!!!just joking. can’t wait to meet u guys back in pj. we must party our asses off yah! cu!!


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