so, i know i’ve been neglecting this blog for some time. i’m working so i dont have much time to spend with my family, let alone blog. but reading other people’s journals have awoken the urge in me to write. cos i’ve really been hankering to write for these past few weeks, just that circumstances prevented it

anyway, my job involves me standing by while people try on shoes that are sometimes downright ugly, lying to people’s faces that the shoe is very pretty, suits them & worth buying & climbing up ladders getting perilously-located shoes for people who might not buy them. oh, its not all bad actually. i dont dread going to work at least. in fact, i kinda enjoy it. *hmm, maybe enjoy is too strong a word but i’m sleepy, so it’ll have to do*

anyhow, most of the time, i just sit around with my colleagues listening to music. if we get too bored, we’ll play cards or read old magazines left behind by former promoters. we can even bring our own cds to play on the dvd player. i think i’ve listened to more chinese songs this year than the last five years combined. not that chinese music is bad, its just not my type anymore. *i’m not trying to act superior here or anything* but i cant really stand those songs by twins & some other squeaky sounding, anorexic girls. and oh, i think i’ve heard enough of ‘bit kuai tah’ (by some guy i dont remember his name) to memorise the lyrics (ok, i’m jesting). & silly ol’ me left behind my collection cds there yesterday. ahh, i missed my keane, james blunt & system of a down

anyhow, what makes this job satisfying is the sales we make everyday. i dont know why but i enjoy watching our sales amount going higher everyday. not that business is good everyday. sometimes we can make only rm100 plus; on good days, it can go up to more than rm1000. higher sales = higher commissions. yay! i’m working full-time, 11am to 9pm almost everyday & today’s my first break after working for more than a week. only getting rm700 + maybe some commission – EPF – uniform deposit. oh, did i mentioned that my uniform is a light pink collar tee-shirt that fits nicely? its ok, i’m glad its not some gaudy coloured, big tee-shirt with the name of the shop emblazoned all over it. so its good. luckily i could fit into their lady’s size XL; if i’d been fatter, surely i wouldnt have been hired. hahha

oh i forgot to mention that i get a 40% staff discount on shoes, friends & family get 30%, unless the shoe is already discounted 50%. so far, i’ve only gotten a pair of pointy-toed, beaded, ethnic-looking shoe. i’ve also set my eyes on a couple of heels. dont know if i’ll get both or just one (the more practical one, sigh). there’s also this very nice, white with pink threading (the black one is also nice) pointy, kitten-heeled cover shoe that i so love & know will look good with jeans. but, sigh, its kitten-heeled & its kinda tight when i tried on the biggest size. fitting but tight. i’ve also tried a few of those ballerina shoes, they’re nice & i like one that’s light green & another that has holes around them, but i dont think they suit me. makes my feet look even bulkier than usual. but they’re oh-so-comfortable to wear. soft really. & i really want to get a pair of boots & the store has one that i kind of like

work is good. i can improve on my people skills & i’ve discovered that i possess a surprising amount of patience when dealing with difficult people. just smile & nod

and i’m no longer afraid of climbing ladders to reach high places……….at least, i think so

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