my legs are damn cold, i’m wearing shorts & lazy to change into pants. its raining here & i’m loving it. i havent shower cos the heater is connected to main water line & the water supply still hasnt come. it’ll be after midnight when i finally get a hot shower. ahh!

i’m still reading people’s blogs/journals/whatchacallit. its so amusing, how some people can write so wittily, i’m totally envious! my off day being spent online-ing the whole day. so much fun! wish i had streamyx, unlimited access broadband. sigh!

i’m so damn kik sam that i missed yesterday’s football match between juve & bayern. argh! i cant believe i didnt hear the alarm ring & turned it off. cis bedebah! that’s why, juve lost yesterday to damn bayern 2-1. i wasnt there to support them ;( i even missed dave letterman. bleh

i was laughing very loudly at something i saw in the corpse bride’s trailer. a skeleton dog (a dog skeleton?) smelling a live dog’s ass. so cute! *yes, i am that easily amused & i’ve had plenty of dosage of that today*

i wanna watch so many movies, it hurts. ouch! i wanna watch corpse, goal, skeleton key, red eye, harry potter, narnia & many, many more

its off to work tomorrow in my pink uniform. good, so that i wont have to farn over what to wear to work. most of my wardrobe not really approriate/suitable for selling shoes. bleh! i need to get more boring practical clothes ;Þ

tonight’s match is chelsea vs real betis. woohoo!! *must not fall asleep…i must be getting old. sigh* although, one of my superiors thought i was still in secondary school, which lifted my spirits for a while. aah, i cant believe i’m gonna turn 22 in a few months. this is serious shit man. i havent done anything yet – backpacking, go to europe, get a tattoo, graduate, find someone special, get drunk, etc….hehe ;Þ


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynnie
    Oct 20, 2005 @ 10:13:00

    hey, where are you working??


  2. Jaden
    Oct 20, 2005 @ 13:54:00

    oh, at VKI shoe shop in seremban. it has branches in 1U it seems 😉


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