too much

when i was in the shower just now, i had lots of thoughts which i had planned to write some in here. but as it is with me, after some time had lapsed, my brilliant (or so i thought) ideas would just evaporate little by little. i think a lot, i know. anyway, everytime i’m in the shower, before i sleep, when it’s quiet or when i get emotional, words & phrases would form that i’d love to put into writing. of course, there are some things that i would’nt write here (maybe later, when i’m ready) for fear of embarassment, ridicule, offending or just plain personal. i admire & marvel at those who can just pour everything out without fear. maybe its my asian mentality of keeping everything inside & not hang your dirty laundry for all to see. but, i think sooner or later, i would write them all down, either here or my hardcopy journal, ’cause all these thoughts & ideas need to be purged. its all jumbled up in my head & hard to organise if i dont write them down. sometimes, its like so many voices are speaking in my head rapidly, i feel like going crazy (which probably i am but thats another post).

anyhow, here’s a sneak peek at what i might write in the future, maybe even after this ~

  • how i lost my virginity……………..ahahahaha, just kidding. i’m sorry if i’d caused you to tumble over & have a heart attack. i havent even have a boyfriend yet (this is another post altogether); though one doesnt really need a bf to do it, does one? hehe 😉 rest assured & dont hold your breath, i may get to star in the malaysian version of the 40 year-old virgin

ah, i dont really feel like writing everything that i’ve thought up in the shower just now ’cause mainly, i have lost my muse, for now & i’m lazy ;Þ

anyway, is acting up & i’m planning of changing to multiply or some other photo hosting gallery. i cant upload photos onto friendster too, which is major frustrating on dial-up internet connection. fuck them all, you say? well, yes, i think so too. but the good news is (or not, depending on whether you enjoy looking at me or not. har har), i finally uploaded ONE photo onto photobucket. yay!


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  1. ttheworldissquare
    Sep 03, 2005 @ 12:05:00

    sigh..u are a bacon with big big thoughts…‘when is u wana actioning lah??’btw,im back in jasmine..boringness…might as well come back early…us open has lost its sensation..ive no one to support…oklah.not exactly takda..i’ve switched camps…haha…see yous!-cheering from camp fed-


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