i is tiredness

i finally have some time to blog but oh man, am i sleepy now. been having little sleep than usual, especially yesterday night. well, u know what, i fucking hate working in groups. pairs, i dont mind, especially if its with someone i know who is responsible & do their work. i’ve seen many of my friends stress over group members who dont finish their work in time & u have to wait for them til wee hours of the morning or only do a half-assed job & expect people to clean up after them. really omf, i’m tired and sleepy now, i’m so glad its finished. my frontpage group project, that is. i know, i’m bad for complaining like this online but what the hell, its my blog & i didnt mention any names. it didnt help that our idiotic bitchy lecturer decides to tell us (last minute!) to print out every single page (coloured!) of our website. i mean, how damn stupid can she be? does she think that we all have colour printers & can afford to print 20 over pages just for a stupid assignment?! *i’m trying very hard to restrain myself from using the F-word too much* i felt like shouting at her to shut up & running her over with a truck there & then. some more, she asked us to do an advertisement for our website using adobe pagemaker. ish! just 2 days before she said we dont have to do it & now she berpaling tadah & said we have to. and to print it too (in colour!). cis bedebah!

i had plans yesterday evening. went to one utama with kerry & steph to get janice’s gift (im not telling what, just in case she reads this before saturday). tammy & i did the pagemaker & compiled all the files into a folder. had to download the software in jinwen’s computer cos tammy’s & sooyin’s trial expired. nevermind, then sooyin’s printer out of ink. nevermind, we’ll send it to mei-ee or someone to print the ad out. also had to print out the homepage our site (the bodoh lecturer relented & said we dont have to print every single webpage in our site); this i think tammy asked our group member to print. who speaking of which, made me & tammy waited all night before finally i called him & woke him up (what the hell was he doing sleeping while the rest of us were slaving to finish the work before going home for the weekend?!) & asked him, nicely, to send over his part NOW. so now, everything’s burned into the cd & we finally slept at 3-something a.m.


by the way, i finished reading half-blood prince, i think 2 weeks ago. cant wait for the movies!! aah!

i’m going back this weekend to celebrate my bestest friend, janice’s birthday. the big TWO ONE. have to try to remember going to her sis’s house in seremban 2 ’cause i’ve only been there once or twice. ahh, i cant wait to give her the gifts we bought her 😉 also, puiling is back for good! *i love that take that song* anyways, i’m suppose to bring her to the bbq party (she’s driving, not me, doink). hope i find the house quickly, if not she’ll belasah me
think i’m gonna nap now, kerry’s car will only be fixed by 6-7pm. aih, so unfortunate for her car’s windscreen to get smashed. i feel bad, dont know why. anyway, i’m not in a hurry. hope her bill doesnt cost much & hope we’ll get back not so late tonight

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  1. ttheworldissquare
    Aug 23, 2005 @ 02:44:00

    u is laziness,baconhwa!!!whoa..blogging also can think of tidur-ing.hebats!!i have this feeling that u were listening to Dave Matthews(oklah,Stefan Lessard) when u wrote that post..righty?huh..you’re so ‘obviously’ into them though u is not knows it!sigh..i really dont know what’s going to happen to our E-pub presentation…but i dont care…and u shouldn’t too.Our job’s done. 🙂now me is wanting to vomits.My dad tapao-d a so-called famous cheecheongfun!ueekkk!!it is looks like flour mixed with meat gone bad!me is going to takes a pic to shows u!i is misses u,baconhwa!!


  2. Jaden
    Aug 23, 2005 @ 04:59:00

    hmm, why u says i is listening to DMB during that time? no la, dont be perasan that i listen to ur husband all the time ;Þyeah, i know i shouldnt care bout it anymore & since coming back, i’ve forgotten bout it. hee, whatever lame is wanting to vomit too, i ate bread, now is feel very full. ooh, i dont wanna eat that when we go ipohi is misses u too, taufu yng!! ah, i miss the times we watch stefan lessard in action..ahahhaps: we is must stops this bad engrand. are no good for my blogs


  3. ttheworldissquare
    Aug 23, 2005 @ 16:08:00

    ish..i is rightness..u is liking DMB very muchness.u is not misses the timing we watching stefan.u is misses stefan,ONLY.i is dont caring abts u is blog.I is thinks i is engwish the terroristest.When is u kambing backs to pj?i tinking me is goating backs on the 5th!


  4. puiyee
    Aug 25, 2005 @ 17:55:00

    huhhh relax *deep breath…in…out….in…out…*chinky din say not to do pagemaker la…for the record….just no need to incorporate it into the website.but yah the assignment is a mess.and i totally understand about working in groups. pairs is fine. group. communication breakdown ah!


  5. Jaden
    Aug 26, 2005 @ 12:45:00

    tammy: i think is goating back on mon, 5th too. i is got fren bday on sunpuiyee: hey u know ah that chinky, when sooyin & i asked her bout the pagemaker, whether we have to do it or not cos cant link to our site, she kept dont want to answer. but then later she said, ‘abuthen, cant link, of course no need do la’. but anyway, its over 😉


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