i try

right before i sleep, i think about a lot of things. so this ‘i try’ list is the result of an overactive mind yesterday night (or rather its this morning). here goes, in no particular order

i try
* to shower before i eat. better yet, i’ll try to exercise before i shower then eat 😉 ..oh i’m so healthy..not!
* to exercise regularly
* to not fart loudly in public…
heehee. dont laugh. u dont fart is it?!
* to shit regularly..it goes hand in hand with the previous point
* to drink plenty of water everyday
* to eat regular and healthy meals at proper times…tell that to the glutton in me
* to learn swimming… so far so good
* to finish my assignments on time…no more procrastination (yeah right)
* to be nice to people…but some people are just plain bastards
* to appreciate my friends more & treat them well
* to keep in touch with my best friends back at home
* to pray every night before i sleep
* to have more faith in God & think of Him more
* to spend as much time as possible with my dogs, parents & sister more when i’m back home
* to spend as much time as possible with my buddies back in seremban
* to listen to not so mainstream music…is system of a down mainstream? hmm
* to save money everyday…its so hard. i’m always broke by the end of the month. ptptn, come quickly!
* to control my temper, especially with my family
* to be patient & not judge people…damn hard this one
* to shave regularly…i dont see the point of us being born with armpit & leg hair. it just gets in the way

i have another thing i want to post but i’m not sure how many people will respond to it. so maybe i’ll put it on hold first. feeling kind of sleepy now


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