its very late now but i dont seem to want to sleep. i’m busy reading other people’s blogs (some would say that i’m ‘pat-ing’). anyhow, mingyang mentioned the other day about a singaporean girl who had a blog which gets 10000 hits daily & how she quit her day job to be a full-time blogger & gets her income form advertisers. i’m like, wow but didnt think much about it til tonight when i chance upon joyce (adam carruther’s girlfriend) who has a link to one xiaxue. the name sounded familiar & my gut told me that that’s probably the girl ming yang was talking about. anyhow, how did i go to joyce’s blog after such a long time? i realised today that my friend’s cousin looks like her & that got me remembering her blog.

anyway back to xiaxue. my gut was proven right & i read (actually i skimmed) her blog to see what’s the big deal, right? well, she’s a good writer & witty too. and she’s the same age as me too. so i wonder how the hell does her blog get so many readers? hmm, jin wen & i discussed this. we thought, well, maybe its because she’s honest & witty in her writing. she writes about her life and she’s very prolific too. aah, but how come so many want to read about her life & her musings? such is the mystery of blogging. my blog is very sedih, when i think about it. haha, oh well, i guess i’m too lazy or busy to post all the time. plus, i’m not witty & honest enough. bleh..but i do envy & admire those who can write so well & with wit too
in order for me to be a better writer (so my dreams of getting my own column to write in will come true), i shall learn from these & other good writers & try to write more often. i’ve noticed that i dont write as much as i used to or maybe not as well (maybe i was deluded into thinking i was good. damn english teachers…….no, i love them. i really do!)

i’m going to call it a night (or rather morning as its now the wee hours of morning). got a class tomorrow at 12.30, so can afford to sleep late. oh by the way, janice is coming to PJ with her boyfriend to visit the guy’s grandma. hopefully get to meet her tomorrow. havent seen her in weeks & she’s leaving for UK on september 18. waah, i miss her! oh, its going to be her birthday soon, in august. wonder what should i get her? hmm, food for thought before i sleep

listening to: the fan’s constant whirring

note: i hope no cockroach attacks me when i get into the bathroom. maybe more on this later 😉
2nd note: something’s wrong with the paragraphing. ish, will figure it out later. i think everyone’s asleep except me now…. the cock’s crowing. shit! *its still to early to crow la* bloody cock

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