firefly movie!!

i just watched serenity’s trailer; i am so happy & excited! granted, i dont think anybody i know, knows about the wonderful, excellent tv series that was cancelled only after 11 episdoes, which in my opinion is an absolute travesty. anyway, i’m talking about firefly, sci-fi western created by joss whedon (buffy & angel creator) & was shown in its entirety around midnight on tv3 last year. i just cant understand why it was cancelled, because i think the series was engaging, had character development & humour. i mean, i thought maybe it was cancelled because it didnt have much viewers but surprise, it has a cult following. people who are fanatical in promoting the movie, in the hopes that the series will be continued. ooh, i really hope it does. look, the movie serenity (named after the ship in the tv series) & cast are even on entertainment weekly’s must list. it also has a comic coming out, which is fanfeckingtastic!

i hope i can get to watch the movie when its released on september 30. at least i hope i can get the dvd

*i am a geek*

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