now listening to radiohead’s talk show host. excellent stuff!

i think i finally am satisfied with my blog’s appearance. its an amateur layout, what the hell; i’m an amateur. its a little colourful but i cant say that i’m colour-coordinated. heh. so this will do…for now

i’m now in my room alone, trying not think of scary stuff. though by writing it, i’m guaranteed a fleeting imagination of *g* behind me or in corners (see, i dont even dare spell out the word) aah, i cant write about it anymore. am too scared. luckily my sis is online & jin wen is awake in the next room

accu radio’s brit rock radio station is fabulous. plays my type of music. yeah! ooh, its now playing sex pistols. sid vicious!! gary oldman plays him. must watch that movie soon

lists of dvds/vcds i should get:
~hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
~queer as folk uk version
~spongebob squarepants movie
~batman begins
~friends season 10
~sex & the city
~six feet under
~sid & nancy
~many others i cant recall right now

i like making lists to remind myself. i may just make a list of books i should read & music i should download ;Þ

oh, by the way, i should mention that desperate housewives is one great watch. watched amelie too last week. omf, its great. its so beautiful & enchanting & wistful, i think. i absolutely adore audrey tautou & matthieu kassovitz. they’re great. i found nino hot 😉 he reminded me of david thewlis. must be the nose

last movie watched: amityville horror (sucks, i closed my eyes the whole time. now its responsible for making me scared of being alone in the room. damn it!)

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