make poverty history

stevie wonder is closing the philly show. i’m going to sleep now before the sun rises. heh..i’ve officially sat in front of tammy’s computer for 9 & half hours straight (except for bathroom breaks & dinner). i’m proud to have witness history in the making & be a part of it =) thank you, farking cheap whore, hope your computer doesnt come out smoke when i’m through with it 😉 see you when you get back!!

*oh, i cant sit straight anymore. ack! got to go lie down & sleep*


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  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Jul 06, 2005 @ 07:12:00

    biatch! now i know where you get ur backaches and stuff…u’re not pregnant! it’s the stupid live8 thing!!! hahahahaahahah


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