live 8!

as i’m writing this, scott weiland (velvet revolver & formerly of stone temple pilots) has just taken off his shirt & gyrating (sexily, i might add) before launching into his song. heh, yes the live 8 concerts are still going on at this hour of the night. its 4.08am here, which means i’ve been watching for 7 straight hours. still i cant get enough of it

i’m watching it online now, on AOL. missed some of the early performances by paul mccartney & U2, ’cause i just finished showering. anyway, since the start, i’ve overwhelmed time & again by the excellent performances by some of my favourite bands & seeing so many people united by music & a cause. its such a sobering & yet exhilarating experience. the message conveyed is simple, unite people & make them aware of the dire consequences if we dont help eradicate poverty in Africa. really since learning in my SAM economics class that the average life expectancy for men in some african countries is about 38 years old. it shocked me so much then & it still do. AIDS & poverty are related. if we reduce or better, eradicate poverty, then people would have access to the best medical facilities & education on how to protect themselves. now, many africans afflicted with HIV don’t have money to buy food, let alone drugs to help them with AIDS. so what Sir Bob Geldof is doing now, like what he did 20 years ago, is to make people aware of this crisis & what leaders of powerful nations, namely the US, can do to stop it. just contribute 0.5% of their GDP/GNP, thats all we’re asking for

anyway, back to the concert, i think its winding down. i’m not sure who hasn’t come out yet but i’m going to watch till the end, whatever time that is. what a wonderful start it was. coldplay sang bitter sweet symphony with richard ashcroft . oh so fantastic! stereophonics came out after coldplay (i think) & sang dakota as well as my favourite, maybe tomorrow. oh man, i was so happy! green day came on at almost the same time. billy joel’s voice was deeper than i expected. hah. they’re great. next came REM & luckily i caught everybody hurts. OMF, i was getting very emotional by then. to see everyone, young & old, all hugging each other & singing along to this beautifully melancholic song is just so touching. aaahh

duran duran sang ordinary world, ooh my favourite. simon lebon still looks yum 😉 dido came on & then sang 7 seconds with youssou n’dour. it sounded very familiar & indeed i’ve heard of it before when he sang it with neneh cherry. wonderful song. (but i’m confused. thought dido performed this in london but i saw she’s listed to perform in paris. aih, confusing-nyer). next came keane! they sang somewhere only we know & bedshaped. anyway, they were great! managed to catch a glimpse of muse too =)

OMF! next came my love, travis! they were great. they sang sing, side (fran even sang staying alive with a falsetto voice towards the end. hah, amusing), why does it always rain on me. throughout the night, i got so emotional & overwhelmed, i wanted to cry. seeing footages of starving african children does that to me all the time. plus the fact that i’m listening to my favourite songs helped 😉

the man who made all this possible, bob geldof sang i dont like mondays. ah, now i know that tori amos covered this song. also managed to catch a glimpse of andrea bocelli but too bad it was towards the end. i wonder if he had sang con te partiro? ooh, i was surprised when i turned to berlin or paris & saw chris deburgh singing lady in red acoustically. wow!

ooh, it doesnt stop here. UB40 sang my favourite song of theirs, the reggae-styled of cant help falling in love. then OMF! another highlight. linkin park came out (finally!) & sang crawling, somewhere i belong, breaking the habit & in the end. then they continued singing all their mash-ups with jay-z! OMF, by then i was so damn happy! singing along and not caring who heard me ;p but too bad i missed scissor sisters laura ’cause it clashed with LP. oh, i’m going to download that song anyway. heh

now sarah maclachlan’s singing angel with josh groban. i’m so touched! at the same time, mariah carey is strutting her stuff & sang hero. this night couldnt be more beautiful! although i’m disappointed the killers didnt sing somebody told me (or maybe i missed it somehow) & radiohead didnt come. ooh, how i’d love to watch radiohead perform. too bad also i missed black eyed peas & jann arden performing…& how come alejandro sanz didnt join? ceh

its 5.02am now & i think the concerts are nearing their end. my neck’s a little sore now. haha….i hope that something will come out of live 8. i hope people would realise & be aware of the situation in africa & how we can all help. i hope that the G8 meeting next week will bring about the end of third world debts. i hope & pray that the HIV/AIDS problem will be reduced everywhere. visit the sites at the side to make a difference

ps: david beckham looks different….his hair is dyed brown! hmmm….

edit: maroon 5’s on & so is robbie williams. hehe 😉
2nd edit: jet is singing look what you’ve done & are you gonna be my girl!

*oh, look what you’ve done. you’ve made a fool of everyone…* =D

3rd edit: i wonder when pink floyd’s going to come out or have they? also, there’s 1 million people in the philadelphia concert audience alone. how fecking fantastic is that?!

4th edit: the who is going to come on! i dont know much about their songs but i know they’re legendary. i dont want to miss the cure in paris either

5th edit: keith urban is hot for a country guy. heh ;p (he’s actually aussie!! this is actually for the benefit of my sis, who cant watch the concerts)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ≈Pë¦ Xzàŋ≈
    Jul 03, 2005 @ 06:06:00

    eewww fucking whore! u stayed up for the whole freaking thing?!!! god bless u! hahahaha


  2. Jaden
    Jul 03, 2005 @ 09:34:00

    haha! i’m crazy like this, i know. but i wont forgive myself if i missed this..btw, i saw a pic of paris hilton & her fiance paris at the london live 8. too bad cant save the pic for tammy


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