*vanity rules over insanity*

i stole grabbed this from another journal. it seems interesting, muahahhaha

1) Which contest would you be most willing to compete in-a bake off, a pie eating contest, a wet tshirt contest, a spelling bee or a marathon race?
hmm….i would have to say spelling bee. cos i cant run to save my life, what more a marathon; i cook better than i bake; i dont look good in a wet tee 😉 & though i can gorge myself with pie, i’d puke after the 2nd/3rd one

2) How would you prefer to die-at a public hanging, in a fire, by drowning, or by a shark attack?
public hanging i guess. i’m afraid of asphyxiation (cant breathe), being burned to death & dying painfully
3) Which scenario would cause you to feel more guilt-accidentally shooting someone in the chest or starting a forest fire that killed thousands of animals?
starting a forest fire that killed thousands of animals. i’d pray that i die in it too

4) What would you rather drink a glass of-mud puddle water, olive oil, vinegar, or saliva?
hmm, who’s saliva? hehehe, i cant even drink my own saliva…vinegar is the best choice. it’ll taste close to apple juice (i hope)

5) If you won a $1,000 shopping spree what type of store would you spend it in-toy store, electronics store, book store, clothing store or home decor store?
ooh, hard choice. i’d divide it evenly between books, clothes & electronics

6) What would you rather eat for dinner-raccoon spare ribs, deep fried gerbils, St. Bernard steak, or kitty cat stir-fry?
aaahhh!! i’ll never eat dogs or cats. whats a gerbil btw? wait, i’ll go find out..(2 minutes later) wtf?! its a hamster. yerh, u’d have to force me by gunpoint to eat all these..if i’d to choose, raccoon then

7) If you were poor and desperate what would you sell first-your sperm/eggs, your wedding ring, your car or your body (prostitution)?

eh, i dont have a car, probably wont have a wedding ring in the near future, i wouldnt let strange disgusting men touch me, so i’ll sell my eggs. wish i have sperm to sell, so much easier & painless (unfair, really)

8) What would you rather do- run through a preschool naked, walk across hot coals, iron your chest or staple bologna to your cheek?
walk across hot coals

9) A friend builds a time machine and wants you to travel with him, which direction do you travel-into the past, into the future, or do you refuse to go?
hmm, hard choice again. into the past but not to change anything. i’d love to visit ancient roman/greek/egyptian times or rennaisance or biblical times

10) What would you rather have thrown at you-an ounce of battery acid, an ice pick, five throwing stars, or fifty spiders?
spiders! like i said before, i’m vain

11) Which of the five senses would you rather lose-sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell?

12) Which food group would you rather give up for the rest of your life- vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, grains or sweets?
hmm…cant skip veges or fruits or i’ll be constipated forever. hard choice, but i’d let go of meats though i like eating them (yes, i’m guilty). its quite unhealthy & it’ll help me lose weight =)

13) Which reputation would you rather have-promiscuous, dumb as a post or ugly as sin?
hmm..i hate that people underestimate or undermine me. its either ugly or promiscuous. i dont really care if people think i’m like that, as long as i’m not (promiscuous, i mean ;p)

14) In ten years which condition would you rather suffer from-obesity, hearing loss, incontinence, or senility?
erm..i’ll probably end up obese anyway. no hearing loss, then i cant hear my loved ones, the tv & music! same goes for senility, i’m too young (i’ll only be 31 in 10 years time). i want to remember my loved ones. incontinence maybe, very inconvenient though

15) What type of commercial would you rather be in-herpes medication, hemmorhoid cream, athletes foot medicine or adult diapers?

athletes foot medicine of course. although if i ended up incontinent like my previous answer, then getting free adult diapers wouldnt be so bad ;p

16) What would you rather give up for a month-all human contact, hygiene products or electricity?
aaahhh! hard choice. electricity would mean no tv, computer, light, fan, mosquitoes biting. ok, i’ll give them up for a month only. a month!

17) Where would you rather be lost-at sea, in the desert, in a cave, or in the jungle?
hmm, best choice is cave, i think

18) You find marijuana growing in your garden, what do you do-smoke it, sell it, destroy it or call the police?
either sell it or destroy it. depends on where my conscience swings at the time

19) Would you go to the bathroom in your pants for two days, without changing your clothes, for a $10,000 shopping spree at the nearest mall?

yes! i’d try not to pee so much & not do number 2 at all. its only 2 days la. $10000 is RM38000, a lot of money (yes, i’m greedy & materialistic, so what?!)

20) What would you rather rid the world of-disease, crime, or hunger?

hmm, if possible all 3. i cant choose really, its a toss between disease & hunger with crime coming last


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