muse is amusing

i’m bored now & listening to my cds. a perfect circle’s passive is still a great song, along with other APC songs. i have this urge to listen to more radiohead but i only have creep here with me. my sis has download just, karma police & paranoid android. maybe i should get their albums, kid A & others. radiohead is fantastic, now i’ve come to realise. never fully appreciated them before. i need to download & burn more songs from system of a down’s & etc

the house is quiet without tammy & peixzan. kind of miss them. ahh, i dont know what to do with my time. on one hand, i should research on liposuction & easter day for my assignments but on the other, i’m too lazy & not in the mood. anyway, tomorrow morning going to zara because they have a sale. not sure where, maybe one utama or curve

listening to all this great music is making me nostalgic with the feeling i get everytime its at night & its quiet & peaceful. its a good feeling really. i like it. my sis & i term it our ‘night feeling’ (no points for creativity ;p) i really have to go hang up my laundry. maybe in a while

we’re planning to watch a movie at starlight cinema. most likely batman begins. ooh i cant wait to watch christian bale & gary oldman on the huge screen =D

oh damn, my cd3 is messed up. the tracks continue after one another; the numbering is messed up. i dont really know how to explain it

i really shouldnt write tonight. instead i shall read others 😉


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