enter the vault

the whole weekend, my sis & i were watching our old videotapes of recorded music videos, old shows, etc. oh my was it enjoyable. watching the numerous take that videos that we recorded at every given opportunity, i now realise that howard donald (plus dreadlocks) is one sexy guy 😉 i did thought he was cool when i was younger but i was more into gary & mark. heh

ah, i watched blur, oasis, radiohead, boyzone, take that, gabrielle, etc. oh & babylon zoo too!! i wonder if anyone remembers them? they had a super hit uber cool song, ‘spaceman’. i remember liking it a lot & i still do. must download it soon. speaking of downloading, watching those music videos makes me want to download all my favourite britpop/rock. aahh, oh how i love them all (as mentioned above). i cant believe it has taken me so long to appreciate radiohead. their songs are absolutely wonderful. very brit, i like! & blur & take that & oasis! must get my hands on their cds (or mp3s ;p)

there was a lot of sweet valley high too. omf! i cant believe i even taped that show so many times. ok, times have changed & i’ve matured & can no longer take those cheesy lines & aunty clothes. but still, those wakefield twins were very pretty. even britanny daniels (jessica) is still acting (i last saw her in white chicks. lol!)

also recorded was xena warrior princess, one of my favourite series. though i only taped 2 episodes because cupid (karl urban @ eomer in lord of the rings) was in those. heh 😉 still like it & it is confirmed that joxer (ted raimi @ brother of sam raimi @ director of spiderman 2) looks a lot like john terry (chelsea FC)

hmm, what else was in those tapes? ah, i cant believe i dont remember this but i taped an all blacks rugby match at the world cup 1999 with france! ahh, jonah lomu was still in the team & i hope that he can be fit enough to be in the team next year’s WC. anyway, may God bless him. he’s a great player. was tana umaga in the ’99 team? hmm, i dont remember. must watch that video when i have the time.

by the way, just thought of this. anyone who watches the tv show eve, there’s a british bloke in there whose name is sean maguire. well, he’s a singer previously whose performance i had taped from the 1994 (!!) smash hits poll winners party. wahahahha. he did a sexy little dance midway through the song & me & sis remembered him till this day. lol ;p he’s not a really good singer though, nyeh

ah, the nostalgia

*all this breathing in of baygon mosquito repellent is making me worry about my fertility….seriously! but those damn vicious mosquitoes bite relentlessly. MOFOs!!*


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