i finished 5 & a half books in 3 weeks! (i couldnt finish a sixth book – a crime in the neighbourhood by suzanne berne, maybe because it was boring or i was too distracted by harry potter to get it. anyhow, the narrative irritated me). phew, if i have to say what’s my greatest achivement, this might be it. hehe. read all harry potter books feverishly til the wee hours of morning almost every day, i think i bordered on the obssessive (maybe i did). anyhow, i still cant get enough of potter. we’ve watched prisoner of azkaban a few times since we got it last tuesday (‘we’ as in me & sis) & also re-watched the 1st & 2nd potter movie. i quite like professor lupin, the character & actor. me & sis are quite taken in by the very fine, david thewlis. ah, he’s *bimbo moment* hot

coincidentally, he’s in kingdom of heaven, which i watched last sunday. the movie, hmm, not that memorable for me. the battle scenes were good, though it was reminiscent of many period films before it. i remember the characters more than the storyline actually. i personally loved david thewlis (doh!) as the healer/monk (i dont know what his character’s called, hospitalater?) & also edward norton as the leper king baldwin IV. they’re both great. ed norton especially (ah, vulnerability is sexy), he was effective & memorable even without his face appearing. just his voice, which is music to the ears (wtf! i’m getting more bimbo & cheesier here. lol) i would watch the movie again just to hear his voice & see david thewlis in action. ahahaha, i’m serious. i should really get ed’s other movies (fight club, primal fear, etc). he’s a very talented actor. btw, i must say that eva green as the princess is really beautiful. complexion, eye makeup, accessories & all

anyway, i cant wait for the 6th potter book to come out on july 16, the half-blood prince. and also goblet of fire, which is coming out this november 18. ooh, chronicles of narnia is also coming out (i’m using a hell lot of ‘coming out’ arent i? hehe, no thesaurus at hand). i really want to read the c.s. lewis classic. soon i will. oh so many movies coming out this year, star wars – revenge of the sith among them. cant wait!

i dont want the holidays to end so soon

note: if anyone thinks i’m weird for liking certain men & their traits, you’re not far off. i am weird ;p also, please excuse the many ‘bimbo moments’ i displayed during the writing of this post


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